Thursday, May 14, 2015

School, New Job, & Thyroid Issues!

First, SCHOOL IS OUT FOR THE SUMMER! I survived my second semester of college, my first semester going as a full-time student! I didn't make any A's this semester, I made all B's. But managing a 3.0 GPA with rambunctious baby C, I am still pretty darn proud of myself!!

I have made the extremely hard decision to transfer from the four-year university that I am attending to a two-year technical college. My last day on campus a week and a half ago was bittersweet. I love the campus life atmosphere, which is something I am going to be missing out on being my new college doesn't even have dorms! STC bought the Dental Hygiene program (finally decided on my major) from ASU to bring in more students and obviously it's working! Becoming a dental hygienist is my short-term goal. I will make another post in a bit about my long term goal! :)

I am now a working mama! And guess what? I'm so lucky I can bring my kiddo to work with me! My second cousin just had a sweet baby girl. Let's call her A. A was born 6 weeks early. She's still an itty bitty thing even though she's a month old! In a week or so, her mama has to go back to work and I have been hired as A's official Nanny. I underwent training for infant CPR, infant Heimlich Maneuver, side-feeding, and other special premie care! C is slowly getting used to me having all of my attention on her during her changings and feedings, and I think the adjustment will continue to go smoothly.

Here's the bad news! I have had the hives for over two months now. After the first month, I visited the doctor because it became a growing concern. It's controlled with Hydroxizine and Allegra, BUT if I miss one dose, I'm all itchy, bumpy, red, and streaky again! Thus, the doctor ordered blood work to be done. Well, it came back today. And it showed a thyroid abnormality. (Prayers for this mama, please!) They didn't say if I am producing too much or too little of the thyroid hormones, but if I could guess, it's too little. I looked up the symptoms today and the hives are listed as a rare symptom and I've been experiencing a few of the more common symptoms, also, like: weight gain, fatigue, arthritis (in my knees - since I was 11, seriously 😕 - and thumb - recently, since I've had C), heavy menstural periods, and difficulty in concentrating and remembering things. The fatigue is bad, y'all. Honestly, I thought it was just from having an energetic toddler. I guess most people feel rested after 10 hours of sleep, regardless of having a toddler. Being exhausted a few hours later is not normal! I knew something has been up recently, I just didn't know what. Do you know what else I didn't know? Pregnancy can screw up your thyroid!!! I sure know now!!!

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