Tuesday, April 28, 2015

C is 16 Months Old! And I'm *this* much closer to finishing my second semester in college

A whole entire 16 months ago, I held him for the first time. I mean, really HELD him. Not in my tummy, in my arms. He was so tiny and so squishy and I was not tiny, but I sure was squishy.  We have both come SO far. I often find myself wondering how in the hell we made it, but we sure did and we are going strong! He has taught me the true meaning of happiness and patience and he helped me discover the person God wanted me to be, and so so much more!  I have learned so much and so has my sweet boy. He waves hello to everyone he sees, and also waves bye-bye. He blows kisses and smiles the sweetest little smiles: a shy smile and an overly-excited smile. There's no in-between folks!  He talks all the time now, even though it's mostly a language that only he can understand. However, he can say a few words: hi, hey, bye, that, and HOT! Since he has been born, he's transitioned from breastmilk to formula, formula to solids, and now solids to only table foods! He's got eight little pearly whites and I'm almost positive he's currently working on more. A little strawberry-blonde curl has recently formed over his left ear and it's SO perfect. Yes, he's FINALLY getting hair! He is SO smart and SO curious and I love it. You can always see the wheels turning in his little head! He's got an attitude larger than a dinosaur and a personality of gold. Not to mention the fact that he flirts with every lady he sees! He runs faster than it looks like his little legs can go, and he runs EVERYWHERE. What is walking again?  And he grabs anything and everything that is in reach. He has recently learned to hit, is *that kid* that throws himself on the floor when he doesn't get what he wants, and thinks it's hilarious to bite toes and splash half of the bath water out of the tub. But you know what? I love every little inch of him and I wouldn't trade him for the world! Happy 16 Months big boy!!! Mama loves you forever and always! ❤️

Sidenote: I'm am completely done with my Psychology class for this semester. One down, three more to go! I only have three more small assignments for English, and then two tests on Thursday - one for Quantitative Skills & Reasoning and one for Political History of America. Then, I have two finals next week, and then a two and a half week break before my first ever summer semester begins! I'm feeling so many mixed emotions about that: good and bad! I could definitely use some prayers!!! 😘

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