Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Short Overview of the Past Almost-Year! :)

I'm going to go ahead and cover a large amount of material in this blog entry.

1) I am now receiving child support from C's father. Getting drunk on Spring Break is more important to him than seeing his son's 2nd Easter. He never sees him. He is always busy when I need him to watch C for a few hours. He never asks to see C. Long story, short - E and I still aren't on very great terms.

2) I am in a relationship with someone who is in LOVE with C. He is absolutely wonderful to us both. I will go ahead and call him CM because his first name starts with the same letter as C's ;)

3) I started running an eBay business with mine and C's old items because we've got so much junk hanging around. It's actually done extremely well and I made $300+ in the first 30 days of selling. :)

4) C turned the big O-N-E at the very tail-end of 2014. December 27th, to be exact. We had his birthday party two weeks late, though, due to so many family attendance conflicts. His Godparents got married on January 1st of this year, so all through December we had Bridal Showers and Rehearsals and Rehearsals Dinners, etc. Then, half of my family went on a cruise the week after the wedding. We finally were able to have it mid-Janurary. We still have his birthday banner up and I don't have the heart to take it down. We had a very small, simple get together with family and close friends. We got a cake and smash cake from Walmart. C cried when we put his hand in the smash cake.  We also bought pizza from Little Caesars, and thus C was introduced to his favorite food. :)

5) C was finally Baptized into the Catholic Church on March 21, 2015. C's dad did attend and did take part in the ceremony, although he looked kinda sloppy. He was there. That's what matter. C's Godparents are the sweetest things! His godfather is my cousin and his godmother is his wife. They just married as mentioned before, but have been together for seven years. They started a savings account for him. After the ceremony, we went to a local park to grill out and celebrate. C's dad didn't attend this part. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, pasta salad, a pull apart cupcake cake in the shape of a cross made by the delicious Bakery up the street, chips, and soft drinks. C had fun eating, opening some lovely gifts, and chasing the ducks :)

6) YES! C can walk now. He began at 9 months, 5 days!

7) C is now almost 16 months. How has almost an entire year passed since I updated this blog? I need to get with the program!! C is such an intelligent little ham and he is just such a joy to have around! Most of the time, that is! ;) He can utter a few words, like: hot, hey, hi, mama, da (that), s'at? (what's that?), and oo-at (and he points...that means "look at that"). He wears 12-18, 18, and even some 24 months clothes. He is now in a 5.5-6 size shoe and sure knows how to use his feet to run all over the place! He is a curious little fellow and is into EVERYTHING. He likes real remote controls and plastic cups more than any toy I have ever purchased for him. He gives adorable open mouthed kisses and has eight pearly whites! We are completely off the bottle and have been since the day he hit a year old. We have pretty much been weaned from baby food to table foods since then, as well. He still LOVES his paci, and I am going to begin weaning him from it in two more months. Once he gets used to having the paci only during night-night time, we will begin potty training. Hopefully. Maybe not. ;)

8) I have two more weeks of my second semester of college and then in June I begin my first Summer course. This particular course will last 3 & 1/2 weeks and then I will begin another 3 & 1/2 week course a week after the first one finishes. A week after my summer courses are complete, I will be entering my fourth semester of college this Fall as a full time student with the smallest full-time course load allowed. Currently, I am still undecided, but I am considering being a teacher in elementary school. I still have another semester to figure out exactly what I want to Major in though.

9) Baby Fever is real and anyone who says any different is a liar. Multiple people on my Facebook friends list are expecting. One of my close friends is currently trying for #2 with her husband (they were just married yesterday!!) and she has been taking pregnancy tests every weekend for the past six weeks. Another friend of mine is getting married ASAP when her fiancé comes back from his deployment with the Navy and they have decided to start trying right after the wedding. I just keep telling myself patience is a virtue. I need a degree before I need baby #2! Four more years to go!!

10) Recently, I have really felt like I have found myself again. When I was with E, I was looking for love in all of the wrong places and it led me to a really dark spot in my life. I honestly think that God graced me with my beautiful child because He knew that is what I needed to become the person He wants me to be. Connor and I try to make it to church as much as possible. (CM would go with us, but he goes with a little old lady to her church every Sunday and that just makes me smile). I have started reading "Small Steps for Catholic Moms" by Danielle Bean and it just sets a wonderful mood for each day. CM and I have decided we want to take things slowly. I told him I wanted to wait to have sex until we marry, if we do. (A secret from me to you? I hope we do.) I explained I really needed to prove to myself that I am worth the wait and that I have self control. He was all for it and loved that I wanted to wait.

So there's an update on our lives. I definitely plan on keeping this updated more often! But now that it's 2 AM, I think it's time for me to call it a night!

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